Team Coaching

Bring your team to a better vibe!

Do you speak the language which you motivate your employees with?

Words can crack people up or touch them in team coaching. That’s why it’s so important to use the right language so your employees stay motivated. Language is so essential.

Every day we see people with so many talents for the company who are not supported in the right way with all the consequences that entails. Often the employees do not feel individually addressed.

Team members can feel blocked. Much remains ‘stuck’ and there is a prevailing feeling that things can be done differently, which in turn can lead to conflict. The result is on-the-spot peddling and people performing below expectations. This happens so often.

Sometimes we see burn- and bore-out. With all the consequences of that. How do you deal with this as a team manager?

With Jobmotivation, you start from your vision, mission and values to see what really matters to your employees. You get to know their work motivations and allow them and your teams to develop from the bottom up. From confidence, insight and awakening.

What can you expect from this team coaching approach?



What do we use in team coaching?


“I gained a better view of my team as a whole and each team member in particular. What does my team need, and how do I bridge the gap with my employees? Is everyone in the right place? The information and insights are very precise and accurate. I should have had this for much longer for my part. The support from Jobmotivation was also excellent. Top even!”

Dhr. Ralf Zehner

Managing Director at Oase

Panama groep

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