Career guidance

Choose the right job by knowing what really motivates you

Career guidance that gives you immediate insight into what motivates you at work.

Which job gets you excited?

How does this combination of career coaching and your working motivations work?

After completing the online survey, you will receive the full report. You will receive a 20 minute coaching session via Teams or Zoom. You can choose when it suits you via the calendar.

What is the investment for career coaching with your work motivations?

€120 + VAT (145,2 VAT incl.) Including report with in-depth analysis Includes online coaching via Teams of Zoom of 20 minutes.
“Finally clarity on where I want to go. This career coaching gives me instant clarity in which work context I will feel happy and good.”
“In a difficult time, where you are looking for yourself, Peter’s coaching brings clarity. And this in what motivates you professionally, where you get satisfaction. With this you can certainly go further”.
“Peter’s feedback is clear and well-focused, presenting very good conclusions with the comprehensive report. For example, he pinched a blind spot, clearly pointed out an energy leak, and shone a light on forgotten lucky charms. By consciously taking these to task and focus, the feeling of fulfillment and balance sprouts again.”