The team behind Jobmotivation

Peter Callens

Expert in Motivation and Personal Coaching

Peter Callens provides quick insights into individuals and teams. He has the special gift of making very detailed analyses and making things visible that matter. This enables you to make the right decisions with accurate insight.

Peter draws on over 20 years of experience in analyzing, training and coaching employees, team leaders and managers. He studied Marketing & Expedition, became a Master in NLP and followed many additional training courses, such as a Master in Kinesiology (bio feedback).

 In 2000, he started Pantelco, coaching for customer service and contact centers. And in 2012 he founded Jobmotivation for work attitude and motivation analyses

Peter maps out work motivation with the iWAM tool and makes analyses on individual, team and company level. You will immediately get to the heart of the matter.

Dennis Deridder

Expert in Motivation and Mentality Coaching

Dennis Deridder lifts your entire company with all leaders and employees growing to a higher level. Together with you, he examines how to maintain this level and further explore it.

He takes you out of the usual thinking and puts you immediately “on top of the situation“. With his analysis of the iWAM results, you immediately know what to expect from your employees and candidates.

Dennis invested 20 years into the study of NLP by various international trainers such as Richard Bandler, Anthony Robbins, Eric Schneider and Anné Linden.

He followed additional trainings for personal deepening and developed his own Relieve® technique. Dennis can therefore be called an expert in personal, mental and emotional development.

He succeeds in going directly and very quickly to the heart of the matter and making you aware of the total picture and all its consequences.

One of his great talents is that he really listens. He is therefore the ideal coach for managers and leaders who want to move forward.

Didier Van Weyenberge

Expert in Strategy and Operational Leadership

Didier Van Weyenberge has a broad experience with just about all facets of business management, throughout the world, both on operational and strategic level.

His first experience was co-founding and further developing businesses in the Czech Republic, followed by a longer period in B2B sales in Belgium at van Gansewinkel.

After that, Didier worked for quite some time at Kinepolis in Belgium and Poland in various management positions. Initially, the emphasis was on the operational level. But more and more he delved deeper into the strategic level of businesses.

Among other things, he also worked for three years at Plopsa Group in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, focusing on strategy, and also joined Comics Station.

Didier supports companies on an operational and strategic level. He is particularly strong in developing and fine-tuning the mission, vision, values and strategy. He draws up strategic and operational plans for your organization, implements operational procedures and develops marketing plans.

Jean Blondeel

Expert in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology

Jean Blondeel has an academic background as a Master in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology. He has further academic qualifications in Business Administration and Corporate Finance.

He draws on more than 25 years of experience as an international business developer. His strength is his observational ability to transform (train) entrepreneurs and companies to enter new markets.

His point of strength is his observational ability to transform and train entrepreneurs to penetrate new markets.

Jean is your point of contact for international projects that range from fully organizing foreign missions to preparing and coaching for international trade shows.

He’s the one to train you about multicultural management and communication.


Mic Adam

Expert in Recruiting through Social Media

Mic is a true social media guru. He helps companies and organizations to successfully implement social media for recruitment and employer marketing purposes. 

He is a passionate and experienced marketer and a true expert on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Video marketing.

Mic helps clients to bridge the gap between Business & Social Media. He uses Social Selling and Employee Advocacy to increase revenue.

Has international experience in social media, management, marketing and sales. Mic listens and passionately conveys solutions.

He gives trainings such as Social Media Recruitment & Employer Marketing. 

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