How to find your best employees and retain them? Learn to analyze people's work motivations.

Make a breakthrough with your recruitment and start managing your teams better.

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Get an insight into what really motivates you

Make a breakthrough by doing what you love, while working. A job that gives you energy & vitality.

Beo bank Jobmotivation

“Jobmotivation has given me a lot of new hands-on insights that I can put to practise immediately. Highly recommended!  This training has shown me how much value there is behind intrinsic motivation and how Beobank can further optimize its recruitment process”.

Senior Acquisition Manager, Beobank

Natascha Van den Breen

What do our clients say?

“Jobmotivation’s approach and tools are excellent for hiring and team analysis. You immediately obtain a  view of the deeper motivations of each individual.”

Peter Verbraeken Founder & Director at Ubench International, Founder carRoll & DLight.
“Very informative session, sometimes confronting, but above all enlightening. Peter gets to the bottom of it, lets you discover new possibilities and invites you to find the balance again within yourself and with your environment. I feel stronger and want to continue on this path.”
Mevrouw Verinia Robbijns HR Partner & Internal Sales Officer, iKanbi Belgium SA
“In our selection approach, the assessment of attitude & motivation is at least as important as the survey of competencies and talents. We use Jobmotivation’s motivation survey for this purpose and are extremely satisfied with it.”
Hilde Janssens HR Director, Xylos NV

“I determined what intrinsic work motivations new employees should have in advance. The candidates take the online survey. From the report I get a clear picture of their work motivations. Based on this, I make a choice.
Jobmotivation’s approach has also encouraged me to manage my team even better.
Now I know how to respond more personally to what my employees really need. Super satisfied!”

Ralph Zehner 
Managing Director, Oase


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