Personal coaching

Get sight of your blind spots and become more aware!

Get sight of your blind spots and become more aware!

You gain insight and clarity through personal coaching. This brings relief. You will feel and see where the cause lies. And this helps you to let go of ballast. So do you have questions, doubts and or you want an accurate view on a specific situation? Do you want to clarify a communication problem, an (inner) conflict or is there a specific business issue that remains unresolved? Then personal coaching from Jobmotivation is definitely for you. Clarity and relief are waiting for you. We have already helped many people with individual coaching and they are very positive about our bold approach. Together, we’ll get your energy flowing again between thinking, feeling and doing.

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Personal coaching testimonials:

“Very informative, but sometimes confronting session, but above all enlightening. Peter gets to the bottom of it, lets you discover new possibilities and invites you to find the balance again within yourself and with your environment. I feel stronger and want to continue on this path”.
Mevrouw Verinia Robbijns HR partner & Internal Sales Officer, iKanbi Belgium SA
Panama groep

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