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Organizational coaching

This form of coaching, organizational coaching, arises from a combination of organizational science and coaching. Organizational coaching focuses on the organization as a whole.

  • Is your average turnover too low?
  • Do customers seem happy, but don’t come back?
  • Or do customers always want to get more, but want to pay less and less?

These are just a few examples of difficulties that can hurt your business. Difficulties with often significant financial consequences.

The cause of these difficulties often remains hidden. And that makes sense. You are so busy with the daily management of your company. You just don’t get around to digging through these problems. This makes them stick, and the consequences only get bigger.

We will take the time you don’t have. We look for smart profit in the short term and sustainable success in the long term…

As a result, you get an organization in which all noses point in the same direction and where employees are motivated.

Firstly we’ll fine tune your 3 pillars: mission, vision and values. We then see whether these are really supported throughout the organization and what is really needed to allow your organization to develop & grow.

Your partner in this coaching trajectory is Didier Van Weyenberge, having over  20 years of practical experience!

What can you expect from organizational coaching?



How do we proceed step by step?

Testimonials from organizational coaching

“I got a strong insightful analysis, clear advice and insight into the right focus.”

Mevrouw Lut Verschueren

Director Axon

Panama groep

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